Step-by-Step Guide to Build an Application


In the technology age that we live in, having an automated process is an absolute necessity for all business ventures. AURACHAIN can be used for quick creation and use of working applications that can address the specific process and data needs of your organization. If you want an app within just a few clicks, AURACHAIN is just what you need.

In this document, we will provide a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to create the "Expense approval" application which comes together with the AURACHAIN platform. We will walk you through the functionalities and details of building your own application, and also focus on key issues in optimizing and monitoring, to guarantee that your app is effective as well as easy to understand. Keep in mind that this case study is just an example and can be customized to match your organization’s needs. The process or the UIs may not have business logic, but we build it in this manner so that we cover the majority of features that AURACHAIN offers.


Business Requirements

Within Company "X" any employee (initiator) can create an expense report form and submit it for approval. Once the employee inputs the information about the expenses he/she has made, the form is going further for review and approval. The expense will be approved by the Financial Department. The application will go depending on the expense amount, either to a Financial Officer if it’s less than 1000$ or it might also require Financial Executive’s expertise, including the second level of approval in case the expense amount is greater than 1000$. Both financial representatives can Approve or Reject the request.

  • If the request is rejected, the process will end and the initiator will be notified via e-mail with the rejection reason.

  • If the request receives the final approval, the process will automatically generate the expense report defined in the system and will be sent via e-mail to the users involved in the approval chain.

The Expense Approval Applet will contain the following process steps:

  • Expense Request Form – This is a human activity where the employees will fill in the expense data.

  • Expense Review – This is a human activity with an approval matrix embedded to it, which contains two levels of approval. As explained earlier, the number of approval layers depends on the expense amount.

  • Generate Expense Report – This is a system activity in which a document will be generated containing significant data.

Table of Contents