Perspective builder

The building user that has “Create search perspectives” permission rights can create different types of search perspectives adapted to specific user needs and can control what the user see and how they see it.

In this module you can add, duplicate, edit and delete search perspectives.

The customization for each search perspective can be done easily, and involves 3 areas: the general perspective settings, the filters and the results area

 What is a perspective?

A perspective is a tailored view that gives deeper insights into key process data to end users and is created by the application builder.

 Who needs a search perspective?

The users that need tailored perspectives are the users who don’t participate to the process, don’t have a task in the application but still they need to access targeted information inside the application. Other users, who participate to the process, may need to search for application-specific data too, so the feature doesn’t include only the categories of users mentioned above.

But all of them need a simplified interface, with less filters, less complexity and in general a simpler way to find the application data.

What type of use cases can we address with perspectives?

With this feature we can target specific application data such as: 

  • credit requests that are pending 

  • credit requests that are issued in a certain branch 

  • tickets registered by a certain customer 

  • records that are issued in a certain period 

  • requests that are approved in a particular day in a specific branch 

  • open accounts in a certain branch and period 

And all the above will be controlled with access rights.