Document Builder

In the Document Builder page, the user can create, upload, or edit a template for a specific process/process.

The business process owner or a user that has Document building permission can design and generate documents by making use of data received through apps from the assigned end-users.

The criteria for document generation implies adding elements from a Data Model & carefully selected system variables and attaching the document template to a button inside the UI.

Customization can be done in a matter of minutes, as per your company’s requirements and changes that can develop through a project’s life cycle.


When you access the Document Builder page, you will be able to:

  • Create a new doc

  • Select an existing doc

In the rich text editor, the user has all the tools and all the flexibility to create business-relevant templates & documents. 


Modify a document template

Select an Existing Doc when you access the Documents page to view the document template available and start to edit.

Document toolbar

The document toolbar is located on the upper part of the screen. Here the user will find a variety of helpful tools.

Among all the usual text editor tools a few newly added functionalities will transform the otherwise plain template into a truly dynamic document.

Dynamic Data

To enhance the document properties the user will be able to add dynamic data in the form of data model attributes. There are 2 options for selecting an attribute from the data model:

  • Using the "$" the system will display the data model selector that will help you and add dynamic elements from the Data Model. Those will be automatically filled in when the document is generated.

  • By clicking on the “+” floating button,

This little functionality is a giant step in having dynamic document templates.                                 








Preview  - Download the document in.PDF format so you can review it.


Save - Save the document into the Aurachain database.


Add - You can add a new document.


Remove - You can delete a selected document

The document supports tables or templates copied from Microsoft Word or Excel.

Dynamic Table

In addition to the basic table functionality the list elements from Data Model can be added as dynamic content in the document templates (e.g. customer details list is populated in a table with its corresponding fields from Data Model as columns).

When the user selects the Dynamic table button, the data model selector is displayed

  • The selector displays only data model attributes that are embedded as lists

  • When an attribute is added to the document, a table will be inserted at the cursor location, on the next line

  • The table displays a column for each attribute available in the embedded class or catalog, with two rows:

    • The first row is the table header and displays the attribute name without any class information as a text label

    • The second row will display the data model attribute

When a document is generated on the process the second row will contain the saved values from the data model.

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